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We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.

SIÁ - Independent Salon of Artists of Tocantins is an initiative of CAITO - Collective of Independent Artists of Tocantins. A free, non-competitive virtual exhibition, in which all the registrants are part of the show.

Opening on March 19, 2021, at 8 pm, on its youtube channel, the exhibition has 42 works that will be exhibited on the Casa Visual Galeria website. The works will be available for consideration until May 28, 2021.

We are a family owned and operated business.

All the works entered were automatically selected for the exhibition. In this way, it is possible to perceive a diversity of themes, techniques and styles that were grouped in order to compose connections between the works in the exhibition.

The SIÁ visitor also has the option to appreciate other configurations of the exhibition, in addition to the exhibition arrangement presented and to explore other circuits of the works, through the names of the artists or creating their own visitation route.

SIÁ is a collective effort and an attempt to create a totally independent art salon, designed and organized by and by artists from Tocantins. This exhibition also reflects the importance of the union and commitment of the artists to the development and promotion of Visual Arts in Tocantins. Fruit of the collectivity, of the confluence between artists and their creative processes.

SIÁ is also an opportunity to promote young artists, bring together artists from different regions of the State and to accompany artistic production that is born in a world frightened and isolated by the pandemic. SIÁ as an exhibition is an invitation to get to know the vast universe of Visual Arts in Tocantins.

Visit the exhibition, enjoy the works, follow the chats and learn a little more about the panorama of contemporary production of visual arts in Tocantins. Welcome to SIÁ!

The Organizing Committee

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.



CAITO - Collective of Artists Independes do Tocantins



Pablo Marquinho, Luciana Andradito and Vone Petson.


Visual Identity - Ronaldo Cordeiro and Flaviana Ox.

Artes - Luciana Andradito, Vone Petson and Biannca Alencar - Artes

Catalog layout - Flaviana Ox e Adrians


Carminha, Vone Petson, Luciana, Biannca Alencar, Rossana Mendes and Angel Lima.

Social media

Biannca Alencar and Brian Castro.

Communication Advisory

Angel Lima.

Video edition

Biannca Alencar and Vone Petson.

Organization of Lives

Gabriela Fernandes and Socorro Monteiro.

Mediation of Lives

Luciana Andradito, Biannca Alencar, Pablo Marquinho, Angel Lima and Emerson Silva.


Angel Lima.


We are a family owned and operated business.


Angel Lima, Luciana Andradito, Rossana Mendes, Cláudio Montanari, Vone Petson, Biannca Alencar and Pablo Marquinho.

Design and Assembly

Vone Petson and Pablo Marquinho.


Rossana Mendes, Biannca Alencar, Luciana Andradito, Vone Petson and Angel Lima.


Luciana Andradito

Financing of the 3D exhibition

Ludimilla Matos

We are a family owned and operated business.


Adrians, Aislander Kenisson, Aline Milani, Amanda Leite, Angel Lima, Átila Desaparta, Biannca Alencar, Brian Castro, Carminha, Cláudio Montanari, Goddess Kannaã, Edivan Ribeiro, Elizete, Flaviana Ox, Fuchsia, Gabriela Fernandes, Geuvar, Hellen Sousa, Jaconta2 , Júlia Ohara, Léo Perotto, Lia Testa, Luara Aquino, Luciana Andradito, Ludimilla Matos, Madu, Marcos Dutra, Marina Boaventura, N • A • S, Natalha Azevedo, Pablo Marquinho, Rafael Oliveira, Raia, Roulette, Rômulo Macêdo, Ronaldo Cordeiro, Rossana Mendes, Sérgio Lobo, Socorro Monteiro, T. Beraldi and Vone Petson.


Visual House Gallery


SIÁ - Independent Salon of Artists of Tocantins

Instagram: @salaoindependenteto



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